Packed with auxiliary features to enhance your music experience, this portable music device redefines how you listen to your music and so much more. These advanced music functions allow you to enjoy the same acoustic wow that you would hear from your home stereo. Black Friday UK Navigate through the menu options easily; music is conveniently catalogued in various folders, allowing you to quickly locate your tune of choice amongst the volumes of albums stored internally. Powered by a built-in lithium-Ion battery that is charged via USB, the reported battery life of YP-K5 is 30 hours via headphones and six hours on speaker mode.

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Perfect for the active, outdoorsy, hip and young lifestyle, the K5 is a fashionable accessory that will revolutionize your personal and shared audio experiences.

Compare These Cowon Plenue 1. The current portable media player accessory market is packed with all manner of speaker systems, ranging from samsung yp k5 and compact attachments to massive Hi-Fi docks. If you flip the player samsjng its side and push up the bottom edge, a built-in speaker slides out.

This simple music player lets you listen in virtually samsunb format and sounds great — for Overall, the K5 proved to be a great little performer throughout testing.

Bass-enhanced Sound Earphones For times when you want to keep the music to yourself, use samsung yp k5 accompanying state-of-the-art earphones with two-part buds that offer a bass-enhanced sound experience.

Preset channels help you find the station you want easily. Its main selections are represented by different images–headphones for Music, a wrench for Settings, and so on–which are made up of animated blue dots. We got clear, detailed sound across all genres of music.

Available with multi-language support in 15 languages, the K5 is an exceptional music companion, no matter where you go. The volume you are on when using the headphones is carried over to the speakers when engaged. I would recommend this device for families and samsung yp k5 businesses who want one safe place to store all their important digital content and a way to easily share it with friends, family, business partners, or customers.

The controls are lit in samsung yp k5 blue, and only become apparent when the unit samsung yp k5 powered damsung.

But it also means that the unit is twice the thickness it could be. Get Amazon Kindle Unlimited free for three months.

They work like a touchpad and samsubg rather sensitive and prone to accidental presses. The magnesium Samsung yp k5, available in cool black, has a smooth-as-glass glossy surface devoid of protruding buttons.

I need power and lots of it. Wake up to your favorite song! Thankfully, the power switch can also disable the buttons when set to “hold”.

Samsung YP-K5

The device also has an FM radio with seemingly limitless presets, and it displays JPEG photos, though we don’t recommend it as a samskng viewer; images were rather dark and had a noticable screendoor effect. We also found the on-screen samsyng to be very simple to use. The slider mechanism seems sturdy enough, though, and the device makes a great travel alarm clock Music to the Max. The Bad Due to the speaker, the YP-K5 is on the large and heavy side for a flash player; the touch controls take some getting used to and attract smudges; display could be bigger; expensive.

And the samsung yp k5 effects provided samsung yp k5 interesting twists, especially Concert Hall.

The bass levels were good for a device without a subwoofer and the treble range was impressive considering the lack of a tweeter. Your TV remote will soon be able to samsung yp k5 its own batteries.

Samsung YP-K5 Specs – CNET

A center samsung yp k5 select key is surrounded by four arrow indicators, while Back and Menu selectors sit kitty-corner to one another on the outskirts. Cons A little expensive, rather samsunf. Samsung’s response to samsung yp k5 has been to create theYP-K5, a 2GB music player 4GB also available with an attractive design, intuitive operating system y; funky control interface. Facebook shares plunge after warning of slowing growth.

Samsung yp k5 we got lots of ohhs and arhhs we also got a lot of whys when we showed the unit off to people we know. In the closed position, the K5 isn’t that remarkable looking–rather reminiscent of the Olympus M: The screen is a 1. Offering 12 hours samsunb high resolution audio playback continuously, the N3 is an ideal on-the-go music companion for users who are looking for portability and high fidelity at the same time.

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