Dont go with the casio. Exactly the point I should have made, rather than ranting about how much I hate Casio. BC Rich It Warlock.. I’ve been playing bass for over 4 years and guitar for about 2 years and I’ve always wanted to get a keyboard. It looks like a decent entry-level keyboard to me, and the sounds are pretty good. Call us at

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It is more like a synth action but much more weighted, so it doesnt feel like synth keys. You can obtain waveforms for tones that are totally different from the built-in tones, and customize the keyboard to your own specific needs. And I mean, tanked: I used to own casio wk 3000.

For example, there is the Emu pk6 and Yamaha cs1x, cs2x, etc Previous 1 2 Next. I smashed the thing into itsy bitsy pieces a few days later.

Join the HC Newsletter. Save songs in memory, expand sounds with flash Casio wk 3000, download songs through the internet, read music off the backlit LCD, and much, much more.

casio wk 3000 Also, how is the market for buying a used keyboard? Use of a large-capacity card makes it possible to store volumes of data. I also think the used market is a good way to go, there are lots of good keyboards in your range in that area as well. Grand Piano ” sample is the p’s piano sample, so it sound casio wk 3000.

Casio Wk-3000 Pro Digital Keyboard Recording 76-key Synthesizer Studio Quality

Headphone outputs are hotter than line level outputs. Internet Data Expansion System The Internet Data Expansion System makes it possible for you to download tone waveforms over the Internet and configure casio wk 3000 keyboard to casio wk 3000 specific musical needs.

The low, caasio, mid-high, and high bands can be configured to suit virtually any type of music. It’s a great place to start your quest. I wouldn’t be opposed to that route if theres deals to be had in quality and resale value Guitar Amp Buying Guides.

The kw sound on it is below average although improved from older models and the other sounds are so-so.

Casio Wk Pro Digital Keyboard Recording key Synthesizer Studio Quality | eBay

Casio wk 3000 was a very good start. Accessories For Orchestral Strings. In the best case, wo learn on it for a couple years, move up to ‘pro’ gear, and sell or donate the Casio! They can be fun. The key feel is a synth action. There were no error messages, just non-functionality. Is the Casio WK a good beginner keyboard? Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives.

View the Media Kit. Geometric lasers by Extreme. Also, if you want a smaller version of the DGX, check out the DGX, basically the same thing with 76 keys instead of Do you have a computer?

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The piano sample is very nice it is the p’s piano sample and the casio wk 3000 are semi weighted. Folk Guitar Buying Guides. I’ve been looking into getting a beginner keyboard, and from what I can tell, the Casio WK looks casio wk 3000 a good choice. It’s inexpensive, and vasio many decent-to-good sounds

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